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Are you a Work @ Home RockStar or do you want to be one? Host Tim Melanson interviews self-employed Home Business "RockStars" to learn how they have built their businesses from the comfort of their own home.
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Jun 22, 2020

Lauren Lapointe helps coaches get fully booked through smart strategy, intuitive marketing, and soul alignment so you can have the wildly successful online business of your dreams.

She took the leap several years ago to leave the corporate world and her cushy corner office behind to work for herself and hasn’t looked back. She believes that life is too short not to do what you love and she’s on a mission to help coaches share their gifts with the world in a bigger way.

Although she grew up in Canada, she now lives in Florida with her husband and an undisclosed number of cats (and guitars.)

Good Note : From a Monday Morning Epiphany to a full circle success in music

Bad Note : Listen to your soul alignment.

Get Fans : Figure out who you are so you can hone in on who you want to attract

Tools for Success : Evergreen Webinars

Learning From The Best : Good coaches and mentors can help you stay connected to your why

Jun 15, 2020

Tiji Thomas loves teaching and helping others overcome the fear of selling.

He has built 3 different million-dollar companies & has produced over $500,000,000 in sales.

He especially looks forward to working with coaches, entrepreneurs, consultants & other service providers because his priority is serving those that love to serve & help others.

And he’s done it using a no pressure process he calls “UnSelling”.

The truth is you do NOT need to use high pressure to get your future clients to say YES and he loves teaching people how to hold onto their core values, serve others & make more money than they ever dreamed of before.

He lives in Sugar Land, TX with his wife of 23 years & 2 kids and runs all of his businesses from home.

Good Note : Got pushed out of the nest early and was forced to be his own boss.

Bad Note : Creating something before you find out that there isn't a need for it.

Filling the Hat : Find out exactly why the prospect is on the call, then contect with how you can help them.

Tools for Success : Design a signature talk (ie: script) to use as a guide to your sales conversations.

Band : Make sure you have value alignment with everyone on your team.

Jun 8, 2020

I started off selling textbooks in my dorm room before discovering Amazon. I scaled a 25 million dollar Amazon business selling toys and baby products, but always struggled to hire help. College kids were unreliable and no US adults wanted to work for a 20 year old entrepreneur. One day a friend of mine introduced me to the virtual hiring space and I became addicted.

I set out to build a virtual assistant army, but quickly got frustrated with the poor quality and time commitment it took to hire on Upwork. I set out to build a better marketplace that pre-vetted virtual assistants before they were allowed on the platform, quickly matched them up with clients, had 24/7 support in case the smallest thing went wrong, and a no turnover protection where we covered replacement costs if someone quit.

Good Note : The story of selling a business.

Bad Note : Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

Band : What jobs to delegate.

How to get fans : Meet new people, appear on podcasts and create new content.

Filling the hat : Try lots of things that don't cost a lot. Stop doing the ones that don't work and double down on the ones that do work.


Jun 1, 2020

Gerri Detweiler is a leading, nationally recognized financing and credit expert, with more than 20 years of experience. During the 2008/2009 financial crisis, Gerri was interviewed hundreds of times, providing insightful expertise and actionable advice for traversing the turbulent landscape and unknown change. Today, she serves as Education Director for Nav, the trusted financing partner of over 1.4 million businesses, where she gives Nav’s customers certainty in an uncertain world through expertise and actionable advice.

Good Note : Write a book if you've been thinking about it.

Bad Note : Get a rock solid contract

Band : Be very careful with partnerships, it is better to hire.

Filling the Hat : Setting up payment plans


May 25, 2020

A client once told me that I have an “uncanny ability to hone in and hit the delete button”.  In her case, the delete button was her stressors that were holding her back in her life.

I will help you overcome your personal challenges so that you can access your unburdened life.  You deserve to feel YOUnified – YOU without Inner conflict.

Having overcome a number of difficult challenges, I discovered a new way of life without suffering and fighting. I took back my life. This is now the gift I share with the world.

I enjoy guiding committed clients, seekers and all-around go-getters to create a supportive, fulfilling and prosperous life, both personally and professionally.


Good Note : How Anik left the stock market to start an personal development business.

Bad Note : Careful that you don't get caught up in the trends even when they don't align with your style.

Practice Makes Perfect : Stay very clear about your purpose.

Instrument of Choice : Grounded Spirituality

Learning From the Best : It doesn't matter where you get your information from... it's about being open, curious and continuing to explore.

Drawing on the lessons learned through my corporate career and real-world experience, I also have notable training in many aspects of energy psychology.

May 18, 2020

Mads has more than 10 years of experience in Fortune 500 companies, such as Xerox and IBM, and more than 7 years of experience coaching and consulting online entrepreneurs.

He has also spoken at many larger events such as CMSEO, TiECon, DCBKK & DMSS Bali, SEO Spring Training & the Survive and Thrive Ecommerce Summit.

Mads currently owning and running 3 companies, and managing more than 100 people, he doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the walk.

As well as being a management expert, Mads is also an expert on growing and scaling an online business, and he is one of the industry experts in the DISC methodology, which is a cornerstone in his management philosophy and he shares his knowledge through the Effective Management Mastery course & community.

Good Note: Builds large businesses for very little.

Bad Note: Look for things that could go wrong. Check the references!

Band : View recruiting as a sales job and make sure you sell the jobs that you are looking to fill.

How to get fans : Look at the potential marketing channels that would work. Pick one. And hone in on it.

Filling the hat : Make sure you know your numbers. If you are not a numbers person, find someone who is.


May 11, 2020

George Papadeas is the COO of The HOTH, aka Hittem Over The Head, an SEO and content creation platform devoted to bludgeoning its clients with awesomeness. When The HOTH was founded in 2010, the SEO space was filled with sketchy service providers who offered poor support and results, leading to poor experiences. With an eye toward changing the status quo, The HOTH set out to prioritize support and created a system that allowed it to work with more than 200,000 businesses and quickly found itself the recipient of a number of accolades and awards, including 3 consecutive years spent on the INC 5000 list.

When George joined the HOTH team and began overseeing their operations, his contributions allowed the company to grow from $250K to $2.2 million in revenue per month. Currently, he is focusing on The HOTH’s latest acquisition, FreeeUp, the leading solution for the hiring and management of pre-vetted online freelancers

Good Note : Good leadership

Bad Note : The importance of direction

Jam Room : Remove distractions, sit by a window, create a routine.

Band : Delegate the tasks that aren't worth your time.

Learning from the best : Look to the people you already have around you and find a mentor. Also, learn about big leaders in your field.

May 4, 2020

Veronica Sagastume is a business strategist, CFO consultant, and all-around powerhouse with a passion for helping Corporate Accounting Professionals start, run, and grow their own profitable consulting businesses.

With over 20 years of Corporate experience in Accounting, Finance, & Operations, Veronica first discovered her love of consulting while working
with CEOs at start-up and emerging growth companies in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley.

In 2011, Veronica made the bold decision to leave her CFO/COO position to launch her own consulting practice. Fueled by her experience, Veronica
skyrocketed her practice to quick success. In 2016, she ventured online to teach other Accounting, Finance, and Tax professionals how they, too, could
use their expertise to make a greater impact, increase their freedom, and enjoy more flexibility while significantly increasing their earning potential.

Today, Veronica uses her business, BizFit Coaching, Inc., to teach aspiring consultants strategies rooted in experience and results. She’s an avid learner and loves working out new ideas with her entrepreneurial mentors, including Amy Porterfield, Marie Forleo, James Wedmore, Pat Flynn, and many others.


Good Note : Build your network before you need it.

Bad Note : More is not necessarily better. Make sure you don't overwhelm people with your pitch.

Practice Makes Perfect : Be open to new ways of doing things.

How to get fans : Connection and Consistency. Show up for your fans in good times and bad.

Filling the Hat : Record how to videos to become top of mind with your audience.

Apr 27, 2020

Kirby Ingles works with D-level executives and emerging leaders. These professionals have high potential and thrust into leadership positions with no previous leader development or training. Some of these professionals are Managers, Directors, and Vice Presidents who are high performers and experts in their technical skills. He helps them gain self-awareness, clarifies goals, achieves their development objectives, and unlock their potential.

Kirby provides a confidential and supportive sounding board for his members. He asks questions, challenge assumptions, help provide clarity, provide resources, and yes, sometimes, with permission, provide advice. He often administers and helps interpret 360-degree and behavioral assessments, conducts confidential interviews to help members gain self-awareness, and establish development goals.

Kirby has 24 years of experience in leadership and human resources, is the host of the TRUE Success podcast, a U.S. Army Veteran. In his spare time, he advocates for fatherless boys and men as well as raises awareness through running Ultra-marathons memorializing those heroes who lost their lives to PTSD. He has been coaching for five years brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.

Good Note : Kirby shares a client story of success

Bad Note : Bought into a coaching program without checking references

Learning from the Best : Find the top 5 people in your industry and find out what they are reading

Jam Room : You don't need a bunch of gadgets right away... just start one thing at a time. Share your schedule with your family and add some inspiration to the room.

Practice Makes Perfect : Get someone you admire to evaluate your process. Do a mock sales/coaching session with someone to iron ou the kinks.

Apr 20, 2020

Jenny Fenig helps you remember who you truly are: a magic maker. Her work focuses on empowering creative women entrepreneurs to increase their confidence, impact, money and time-freedom by mixing modern with ancient practices. Jenny lives in the woods with her family in the Berkshires of Massachusetts.

Good Note: Followed a hunch to take a yoga training class, quit her job and started a business

Bad Note: Didn't pay attention to cash flow and barely made it through the year

you may not have started your business to make money but
The purpose of a business is to make money...

Jam Room: You need light, a great printer and plants... lots of plants.

Filling the Hat: Find ways to create recurring income. Make it easy for people to pay you.

Learning from the best: Business is a giant learning experience.
If you aren't willing to invest in yourself, then don't be surprised if people won't be willing to invest in you.

Apr 13, 2020

Alzay helps you scale your consulting company by productizing. Productizing is a strategy that allows expert, serviced-based companies to grow predictably without getting caught up in the flash-in-the-pan, shiny-object strategy of the day.

When he says “scale”, this is what he means:

Develop premium consulting services with predictable profit margins that are easy for clients to understand and buy.
Streamline your operations and remove yourself from the day-to-day grind of your business.
Rapidly build your authority in the marketplace and drastically improve the experience you deliver to each and every client you serve.

Good Note : do the best you can and you'll be alright

Bad Note : buying training is not the same as buying a result. Make sure you are ready to spend 90 days using what you are buying.

Practice Makes Perfect : Practice your sales conversation with other people

How to attract fans : Content sets context for the conversation that closes sales

Instrument of success : Using pen and paper constructively in a morning discipline

Apr 6, 2020

Jarod Spiewak is an entrepreneur and international speaker who has helped service-based businesses generate millions of dollars in revenue through Search Engine Marketing, he also consults businesses and other agency owners, and owns 2 digital asset investment companies, all while working from home.

Good Note : How to take advantage of all the information and software available to research and start a business

Bad Note : Rented a physical office but didn't need it... Should have weight pros and cons

Jam Room : Best tips are to get a sit/stand desk and a good pair of headphones

Band : Best advice on when and how to hire

How to attract fans : Jarod gives some great tips on how to get people interested in your business

Mar 30, 2020

Jason Miller been a coach since 2010. He helps clients overcome anxiety, gain confidence, and become better leaders. Jason’s clients improve their relationships, expand their social networks, and boost their careers.

As a professional coach, Jason combine coaching emotional self-mastery, communication and conscious leadership with the "halo effect" of powerful body language to help people get what they want out of life and deliver a positive impact in the world.

Good Note : Never stop asking for help

Bad Note : How fast can you recover from setbacks. pivot. make a change.

Practice : Treat feedback in a non-judgment mode.treat things as neither good nor bad

Instrument : Using google docs to handle accountability

Mentorship : Jason's coach tranformed him from a geeky it guy to the man he is today

Mar 23, 2020

Marc Mawhinney is a lifelong entrepreneur who helps coaches get more clients (without paid advertising!). He achieves this with his coaching programs, his podcast (Natural Born Coaches), his Facebook group (The Coaching Jungle) and his exclusive hard copy newsletter (Secret Coach Club).

He's been a speaker at events like Social Media Marketing World, frequently
makes media appearances and has contributed to publications like You can learn more about Marc at (that's Marc with a "c"!)

Good Note : Came off a failed business and started a brand new business that was profitable within a year.

Bad Note : Don't get attached too much to your business... your business is not you. You learn more from struggle than you do in years of growth.

Jam Room : Have things that inspire and motivate you. Productivity Tips.

Band : When you don't enjoy something, do anything you can to get it off your plate.

Filling The Hat : Multiple chanels of income

Golden Nugget: Start your business part time before you go "all in"

Dec 11, 2017

In December 2005, Cliff began podcasting as a hobby. One year later, he launched where he has since helped tens of thousands of individuals and organizations successfully launch a podcast through one-on-one coaching and online courses. If you were to look at the top 100 podcasts in the business category of iTunes, more than 50 of these shows were created by clients who have been trained by Cliff.

Today, Cliff focuses on his role as a business and life coach. He mentors coaches, consultants and thought leaders through the transition from their unfulfilling day job to their own responsible and profitable online business so that they can live the life of their dreams and do the work they feel most called to do in this world. Be sure to check out one of his Next Level Workshop.



  • How Cliff became a Work @ Home RockStar
  • Cliff shares his biggest mistake
  • The importance of participating in a mastermind
Nov 13, 2017
Officially known as an Inspiration Engineer®, Cauveé [kaw-vay] is an American strategist, investor, lifestyle coach, entertainer, philanthropist, and speaker.


As the Founder of Cauvee Global. (the Early Stage Empire – see more), Cauveé is building a unique and cutting-edge empire centered around helping others find freedom and fulfillment.

Featured in Huffington Post, labeled the Coach Who Is Dramatically Changing the GameCauveé is reverse engineering success for everyone he inspires.



  • How Cauveé became a Work @ Home RockStar
  • Cauveé shares his biggest mistake
  • It’s ok not knowing exactly what to do, just make sure you test out different things
  • Check out for an “advisory board”
  • Listening to motivational materials
  • How to take advice, and make the most of it
  • A skill can always be learned, character is much less likely to change
  • Productivity and focus tips
Nov 6, 2017

As a passionate Thought Leader in Automated Experience Design (such as email sequencing, workflow automation, etc.), Paul enjoys the challenge of leveraging automation for your business, so that YOUR customers have the best experience possible.

Paul loves to share his knowledge and understanding of why automation works so well (see “Under The Hair” below).

For example, did you know with good automation, your prospects and customers should have difficulty identifying which emails were automated and which were legitimately sent 1:1 from someone in your organization? Automation should only enhance the relationship, always.

When you speak with him, you’ll enjoy his masterful blending of technology, human psychology, process methodology and sales philosophy to create a world-class customer journey that’s optimized for YOUR specific business.

He is frequently sought after for his ability to break down the customer journey into the empirical assets and then adding the human touch to everything in the marketing/sales/fulfillment process.

“Paul offers so much more….and I really think of him as my business partner rather than just a consultant. If anyone is looking for such well rounded expertise, I highly recommend him and would be delighted to speak with anyone about his services.” – Meghan Alonso, IMUA Services

Paul likes to work with a whole range of people from A-Listers to companies that just want a little help every month and, while Paul isn’t accepting any private clients currently, he likes to work B2B tech space and B2C product space (particularly music).

In closing, if you’d like some free automated experience design wisdom sporadically, sign up for Paul’s “Under the Hair” newsletter at



  • How Paul became a Work @ Home RockStar
  • Paul shares his biggest mistake
  • Choose the clients that you want to work with
  • Tips for finding great clients
  • Build your network before you need it
  • Using a termination to kick off your business
  • Work / Life integration
Oct 23, 2017

Bryan oversees the product development life cycle for a range of customers from matured startups to mid-sized and large customers. With a prime focus on establishing an MVP to vet assumptions and get to market. Incipient is a leader in creative technology solutions, fueled by a passion for growth.



  • How Bryan became a Work @ Home RockStar
  • Bryan shares his biggest mistake
  • Great tips on pricing your product appropriately
  • Identify key variables that go into product pricing
  • Always continue learning
  • Interviewing tips for how to find good people
  • Bryan is an early riser
  • Bryan discusses work / life balance
Oct 9, 2017

Business ghostwriter and authority architect Derek Lewis has written with thought leaders on five continents, including an Olympian, a Texas oil tycoon, a Turkish economist, an IT startup millionaire, a Brazilian federal judge, and a military governor. His authors work with the International Monetary Fund, General Electric, DaimlerChrysler, SAP, Pixar, Disney, the US Marine Corps, and the Red Cross.
Today, he is one of the foremost authorities (in the admittedly niche field) of business thought leadership books, having authored the leading guide to the subject, The Business Book Bible. He lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.



  • How Derek became a Work @ Home RockStar
  • Derek shares his biggest mistake
  • Give your mind a problem to solve before you go to bed
Oct 2, 2017

Terry Ogburn is the renowned owner and Lead Business Coach of Ogburn’s Business Solutions. His proprietary coaching system and personal devotion to the development of others has contributed to the success of hundreds of small to large business ventures.

Terry began his business career in 1979 when he invested his last $118.42 to start an air conditioning service business. At that time, he had no car or truck, but he did have the knowledge and ability to build relationships. By 1983, he was a top 5 nominee for Small Businessman of the Year.

In 1984, he won the award for “Outstanding Young Businessman of the Year” for the State of Florida.

In 1985 successful in his business and recognized as a leader in the business community, he began to mentor other small business owners. In 1989 he developed his own business success program based on his experience and the teachings of his favorite business books.

His program was so successful that in 1992 Terry was asked to join UniGlobe Active Travel as a Director of Operations to boost individual store performance. Within months, he took the store to a $2.5 million Dollar Travel Agency. He then took the program national to improve performance organization wide. In 1994 he became a founding team member of EXA Travel International and took on the role of Director of Training & Development and within two years the company grew to 11 regional offices, with over 2000 franchisees and went public in late 1996.

Following the success of EXA, Terry embarked on a series of successful partnerships involving turning around performance with corporations as:

Radio Shack MetroCall Paging

AT&T Wireless Century 21 Real Estate

In December 2005, Terry chose to return to his true passion helping Independent Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners plan, launch and develop their businesses.



  • How Terry became a Work @ Home RockStar
  • Terry shares his biggest mistake
  • Start your business with the intention to sell it in 18-24 months
  • The power of hand written thank you notes
  • The customer is at the top of the organizational chart
  • How to work effectively with contractors
  • 4 Habits to Success: Decision, Discipline, Decisive, Visualize
Sep 25, 2017

Chi is a business growth consultant, digital marketer & direct response copywriter. He helps clients in the healthcare industry grow their businesses and achieve long term success through his digital marketing training, personal development coaching & entrepreneurship mentoring services.

He quit his 9 to 5 job to start an ecommerce company in his hometown in Lagos, Nigeria. The venture failed and had to be closed down but Chi viewed the experience as valuable education in his entrepreneurial journey. He then decided to launch another business to help entrepreneurs and small businesses overcome some of the key issues that lead to business failure.

He currently works with several small and medium scale enterprises in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. He’s a frequent contributor to large publications like the Huffington Post, Influencive and more. In addition, he hosts a podcast titled The Bulletproof Entrepreneur where he interviews entrepreneurs, thought leaders and creative artists.



  • How Chi became a Work @ Home RockStar
  • Chi shares his biggest mistake
  • The risks of relying on currency prices
  • He shares why he has a coach
  • Working with family
  • The power of referrals
  • Chi tells us why he keeps flat screen TVs on the bed
  • Chi’s playlist
  • Work in short bursts
Sep 11, 2017

A near death experience led CEO of Alitura Naturals, Andy Hnilo, to develop a cutting-edge natural skincare line that is revitalizing the skincare market.

Andy was hit by two large vehicles while crossing a busy street in 2011. A former model and high-level athlete, he relied on his body to make a living and knew that even if he recovered, his life may never be the same. He vowed to rebuild his body and spirit using the healthiest ingredients and products he could find. Alitura — Latin for “feeding and nourishing” — was created to offer consumers natural, soothing and effective skin remedies.

“The most critical tool for healing my exterior was a handcrafted blend of unique, specialized ingredients from around the world that I formulated myself. They say necessity is the mother of invention, and here we are.” – Andy Hnilo, Founder & CEO



  • How Andy became a Work @ Home RockStar
  • Andy shares his biggest mistake
  • The power of aligning with the right people
  • You don’t need to be overly “salesy”
  • Just get out there and do what you do!
  • Pushups til failure
Aug 31, 2017

Randy Rayess is the cofounder of Outgrow, a growth marketing platform focused on increasing customer engagement and boosting demand generation through highly converting calculators & viral quizzes. He is passionate about demand generation, content marketing and personalized marketing. He also cofounded VenturePact and previously worked in private equity at SilverLake Partners, in machine learning and in payments.



  • How Randy became a Work @ Home RockStar
  • Importance of delegating and hiring a team
  • Interview tips from Randy
  • Randy shares some tips on how to get the most out of your workspace
  • Winning habits and rituals to get the blood flowing
  • Randy’s advice to his younger self
Aug 21, 2017

Frank Cottle is CEO of Alliance Virtual Offices and Chairman of the Alliance Business Centers Network.  He is a recognized expert on flexible working, the virtual office movement and ‘third place’ working.  Prior to creating the Alliance brand, Frank successfully operated his own portfolio of business centers in multiple locations across North America.  Frank has spent almost the past 30 years delivering business services that are finely tuned to the workplace needs of startups, entrepreneurs, and growing SMBs.  Over the years he has worked with tens of thousands of business owners and, coupled with a unique global management perspective, has become the go-to authority on flexible and remote work.


  • How Frank became a Work @ Home RockStar
  • What it’s like growing up in an entrepreneurial family
  • Quote : “I don’t want to be tired and hungry” – Getting business for the sake of business is not a good strategy
  • Watch the economic cycles
  • Keep correcting course… Small pivots are more important than large changes
  • How to find good people
  • If possible have a dedicated room for your office
  • Start by hiring a virtual assistant
Aug 14, 2017

Ross and Rachel are the founders of Trill Media, an Instagram marketing agency that is on a mission to help brands boost their influence and leverage the power of viral marketing. Unlike other agencies, they focus only on the Instagram marketing tactics that gain 100% real, organic followers – no bots, no automation, and no spam. Ross and Rachel have used these strategies to form partnerships with influencers, create a network of over 100 million users, and develop a personal following of over 450,000 targeted followers.



  • How Rachel & Ross became a Work @ Home RockStar
  • The advantages of outsourcing
  • The alternative to university
  • Have patience! Stay consistent
  • Money = Trust
  • Value your time and take inventory of your daily schedule
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