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Are you a Work @ Home RockStar or do you want to be one? Host Tim Melanson interviews self-employed Home Business "RockStars" to learn how they have built their businesses from the comfort of their own home.
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Sep 19, 2016

Pratima Aravabhoomi is a designer, quote expert and the founder of She is on a mission to help you achieve your goals, be happy, and pass on the inspiration to everyone around you through her designs. You can join her at

Sep 12, 2016

Here’s the thing, I have been doing vision boards since I was a little girl. I would find a quiet corner of my room and stack up all the magazines that I “borrowed” from the mailbox and I would start cutting and pasting and creating. I was designing vision boards before they had an official name, before they were a thing and certainly before they were mainstream. But why? And how did I know how to do this?

I also remember being very sensitive to energy as a child. I could feel someone before they even stepped foot in the house. I could sense how a phone conversation went without ever meeting the person on the other end. I could just feel the energy and also translate what it meant.

Those vision boards ended up being the roadmap for my entire life. It was led me to become an Intuitive Success Coach.

Sep 5, 2016

I love being playful and supportive as I support my awesome community through mindset work, NLP, confidence building, banning burnout, slaying stuckness, checking out of overwhelm, so you can master yourmindset and remove the fear of failure.

I will be your best cheerleader I show up fully to those who show up for themselves!

I have a background as a Certified Master Life Coach, Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Advanced Hypnotist, Certified Law of Attraction Wealth Coach, & Personal Trainer.

I infuse, NLP, Hypnosis, Meditation, Creative Visualization, & Mindfulness into my coaching.

After my first two children were born, I was in my early 20’s & found myself in a life I didn’t want. I was 75lbs overweight, my husband was working around the clock to provide for us. We lived paycheck to paycheck, I was depressed, unhappy with my self-image, lacked confidence, and felt that I was living someone else’s life!


One day I had an Aha moment- after all this time I realized that the only thing keeping me STUCK was me!


I learned about the power of our minds, our thoughts, our words, our visions. When I started to apply these mindset SHIFTs to my own life, I was able to move past being STUCK & start creating! I lost the 75lbs, and built two businesses from the ground up, Boot Camp Babes & Kristi Dear, Coaching.

Most importantly, I took back my personal power. I changed my mindset and changed my entire life.


I was featured in Fitness Magazine for my weight loss. I have been featured on all the Dallas local news channels about my kids exercise video called Get Fit Kids I created in 2004, Fox 4, NBC, ABC, CBS, & I was featured in the Dallas Morning News twice!


I now enjoy running marathons, being a wife and a momma to my now three children ages 15, 14, & 8, while inspiring women all over the world to BREAK Free of the mental junk that is keeping them from being their true authentic self & creating their best life and business possible!

Aug 23, 2016

Whitney Nicely is the queen of real estate in east Tennessee. This is THE place to learn about flipping, flopping, listing, buying, investing and learning about real estate. Whitney has a natural ability to turn another boring real estate lesson into a DIY weekend project or Honey Do list to help achieve your real estate goals. Whitney shares tip, tricks and tidbits to being successful in real estate- no matter what stage of the game you’re in!

Aug 15, 2016

My name is Snowe Saxman and I was a millionaire at age 25, then living on food stamps + bankrupt by age 35. Now I am earning multiple six figures on my way to millions again. I have been able to channel a painful past into a purposeful future and rebuild my global empire by teaching women God-inspired success, financial and business strategies. When I was at my lowest point living on food stamps after just filing bankruptcy, I cried out to God to ask Him what He was waiting on to bless me. What He said totally shocked me. He said, “Snowe, you are not waiting on me, I am waiting on you!”. After this defining moment, He began to show me that every way I handled money was fear based. I had so many negative thoughts and fears about money that I was actually keeping more from coming to me. I began a journey of transformation emotionally, spiritually and financially which I now teach to others. Creating more money ALWAYS starts with your mindset. Mindset is simply a way of thinking. Unfortunately, most of us have been taught to think the wrong way from everything we experienced in life and now we have hidden success blocks in our minds. I can teach you how to build a profitable business, how to create, manage and multiply money or how to have more success in your life, but if you have any limiting beliefs (which are learned behaviors that hold you back), emotional blocks or unresolved emotions, you will stay stuck. I walked through this same process and now I teach others how to do the same so that they can live the life that God intended, emotionally, spiritually and financially free!

Aug 8, 2016

Congressional Dish is different from the “political” shows you have seen on television and have heard on the radio. Congressional Dish is not owned by a big company. There are no screaming matches. There are no commercials. The listener-supported Congressional Dish podcast is a show about the Congress and Jennifer Briney, the host, reads the bills that they pass.

Jul 18, 2016

Jeffrey Shaw delivers inspiring and actionable keynotes, workshops and presentations for audiences of entrepreneurs, creative thinkers and service-based professionals. He is often described as a balance of motivational and thought-provoking; conceptual yet practical; a visionary with an eye for results. Jeffrey blends his training as a public speaker, experience as a business coach and vision as a photographer, to create programs that are dynamically delivered, retainable and visually captivating.

Jul 11, 2016

With a rare and unique talent for online business, Caroline Balinska has mastered three key areas of online marketing which give her eCommerce clients a special insight into how to sell out their products online.

Caroline combines her savvy digital marketing skills with her talent for website design and development and then meshes them with her deep knowledge of how business work to maximize profit.

These three key areas have poised Caroline to help over 200 client 6-7 figure businesses prosper online. Passionate about business and marketing, Caroline mentors and speaks professionally about a multitude of business and marketing topics and often focuses around marketing pertinent to eCommerce businesses.

Jul 4, 2016

My name is Lisa Mitchell and I am a mother, wife, business owner and (perhaps most importantly) secret punk renegade.

I first fell in love with piercings when I was a teenager, and it is no exaggeration that I craved metal against my skin because it just looked cool! I wanted something edgy, but unfortunately my parents did not see eye to eye with me at the time. My father in particular was not too keen on the idea of me putting holes into my body and so we came up with the compromise of cuffs!

No piercings required, but the look I wanted! Unfortunately way back when there weren’t too many designs available, and I personally have a nickel allergy so unless those cuffs were gold I was out of luck.

While I grew up, I never grew out of that enchantment with metal and I am proud to share that my business DazzlingAdornments represents my personality through and through. I am your expert for cuffs and piercing free jewelry! When I am not busy supplying the worlds teenagers (and adults who don’t want to let go of their personal style just because they have a day job) with safe and interchangeable faux piercings, I am running around like crazy taking care of my two young children. You might be surprised to find that I have gone to college for an eclectic selection of subjects ranging from CADD Engineering to Elementary School Education, but nothing really fit like the magic of jewelry design and execution. I love what I do, and I love the flexibility that being a small business owner offers my family and me. I have the opportunity to spend time with my mother who lives only down the street; I can play with my children, or laugh with friends and my husband. When I really want to relax you’ll find me curled up on my deck, good book cracked, and an even better bottle of wine uncorked.

Jun 27, 2016

Rose Molinary has been involved in the handmade world since she was a teen, helping her mom create home décor items and working craft shows with her. Rose and her mom, Rose Ann, co-own It’s A Word of Art, a vinyl design company. Rose also owns 2 Etsy shops of her own (Momma’s Pantry and Paper Pusher Shop). Rose also owns her own Virtual Assistant business where she helps handmade entrepreneurs with all their needs from social media scheduling, to SEO, to creating listings!

Jun 20, 2016

Jenna Ross is a Property Manager & Founder of Happy Place Property Management.
She is bringing professionalism & an exceptional customer experience to owners & tenants alike.
Jenna is connecting “Happy People” with their “Happy Places” all over Halifax, Dartmouth & the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia!

In addition to being a Property Manager, she is a Real Estate Investor.   She takes care of her owner’s investments like it is one of her own.

Jun 13, 2016

Shelley started Clean Forks in 2013 from the ground up and replaced her 9-5 income with full time entrepreneurship in 2015, all while paying off over $25,000 of debt. She has used her experience in business and a passion for psychology to grow her business to 4 and 5 figure months. Shelley teaches heath and wellness coaches to take inspired action and share their story in a way that leads to helping more clients and makes a more positive impact today. Shelley has been featured in some of the biggest online publications such as the Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, Fit Life Tv, Raspberry Magazine and Elite Daily. 

Jun 6, 2016

Matt "Handshakin" Holmes is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, and world record holder.  He is Founder of the Handshakin Video Series: featuring top entrepreneurs on networking and personal branding strategies.  

After interviewing venture capitalists, members of Congress, and billionaires, Matt has been on numerous podcasts sharing tips on strategically making connections and relationship building. Today, he helps aspiring entrepreneurs implement networking and personal branding strategies.

May 30, 2016
Joshua left his “safe and secure” job as a banker for JP Morgan Chase to start a cleaning business at the age of 25, while his wife was pregnant with their first child. Joshua wanted to build a local business, while creating time and freedom for himself and his family.

He grew the business until it was generating over $150,000 a month in revenue and then sold it to a national buyer. During the last two years that he owned his company, he only worked 5 hours / week on the business, but it still grew at 35% per year. Joshua is passionate about business systems and how they can change your life.
When Joshua sold his company, he moved to Costa Rica where he now runs his two internet based businesses with a small team of professionals from all over the world.
May 23, 2016
Lisa Uman Crisalle, CFNS and Director or Marketing for Exercise & Nutrition Works Inc., and host of the FitPro Industry Podcast program, brings more than 24 years experience in marketing, branding and coaching to the fields of health and nutrition. After majoring in Exercise Physiology, she tied in her background in fitness to the business world. With a degree in Business Administration and a minor in Marketing, Lisa continued in the fitness industry as an instructor and trainer for everything from swimming, skiing and martial arts, to aerobics, and indoor cycling
After breaking out of the corporate world more than 12 years ago to work directly with her husband (internationally recognized nutrition expert, Lucho Crisalle) Lisa is determined to bring their company to the forefront of the nutrition and health community.
While Lucho developed one of the most highly recognized nutrition certification programs (the CEU accredited Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist home study program) and Online Custom Nutrition Software, Lisa helped bring these specialized products to the market, ultimately securing contracts with such corporations as Gold’s Gym International and Max Muscle Incorporated. They now focus their energy on coaching business owners and entrepreneurs on Monetizing their Nutrition Counseling programs and bringing these certification programs to personal trainers, coaches, health practitioners & health enthusiasts.
May 16, 2016

Master Personal Power Coach, Radio Personality and Motivational Speaker, Line Brunet is CEO of Bold Radio and Host of Find Your Groove as well as the Daily Hustle. As a personal growth and empowerment maven, she lives with a drive to help high-achieving go-getters master themselves, so they can master their lives with confidence, courage and conviction.

Line loves connecting people with exactly what they need. She believes that change can happen quickly and she’s committed to impacting the world through voice.

May 9, 2016

From climbing the corporate ladder to entrepreneurship, Erica Castner is not a stranger to the professional development world. She is the founder of Queen of Results Coaching & Consulting, a company  dedicated to helping professional leaders communicate their message with power & poise. Erica is also the host of the podcast series, Power Factor Biz Chat, where she interviews leaders about their journey to success.

Apr 11, 2016

Jason is a top business and executive coach and sales leadership trainer. He’s a leading expert on leadership, culture, influence, and relationship building. 

He helps his clients get unstuck and find their purpose, put the passion back in their lives, create additional wealth, and build social, communication, emotional and leadership skill sets to take their business/career to the highest levels.

He's worked with well-known CEOs such as Steve Jobs, Mark Hurd at HP, and many others. He's helped his clients meet influencers such as Tim Cook, Bill Gates, Richard Branson and many others.

At the heart of his strategy is the understanding that people and your relationships are your true “wealth.” Everything we accomplish in life is with or through other people. 

Jason’s bestselling book, Social Wealth, the how-to-guide on building personal and professional relationships, has sold more than 36,000 copies and has been #1 in four business and self-help categories.

Jason has his law degree and masters in communications from Syracuse University. He lives in Dallas, Texas.

Mar 21, 2016

Business and lifestyle consultant, as well as author, Steve Rodgers has a knack for bringing out the best in people. As he sees it, “I am leader helping others discover, maximize, and increase their highest good and purpose in life and business.”

Steve’s sense of commitment is strikingly evident in the business sphere. Embracing challenges big and small, he consistently finds a way to maximize the inner workings of companies. But you needn’t be a powerhouse business to share in the good fortune. Many a first-time entrepreneur has discovered the road to success thanks to Steve’s rock-solid guidance. Every positive impact he makes is a windfall from his overriding goal: find the best ways for companies or individuals to increase their happiness and fulfillment on all levels.

Mar 14, 2016

Marc Mawhinney is on a mission to help coaches build stronger businesses!  He has a passion for entrepreneurship, having started a number of businesses in his life and growing one to 100 employees. 

After becoming a coach, he saw the struggles that coaches face while trying to build their businesses, and decided to do something about it!  He launched “Natural Born Coaches”, a daily podcast where he interviews successful coaches to share their advice, and works with coaches in his “Accelerate For Clients” 1-on-1 and group programs.

Marc frequently makes media appearances and is a contributor for  You can learn more about him at!

Feb 29, 2016

Ace bought his first business when he was nineteen. It was an online stock market simulator called CoolWallStreet. After selling it and seeing the benefits in buying a business over starting one, he caught the business buying bug. Since then he has bought and sold over thirty businesses and has helped his clients all over the world buy over one hundred businesses.

Feb 22, 2016

John Murphy is a results oriented business coach and mentor to senior executives and CEOs. He's a great communicator with broad experience and is skilled at discussing issues that make businesses and individuals grow and thrive. John lives and works in the south of France, originally from Ireland.

Before starting his own business John enjoyed a highly successful career in the corporate world. He began as a door-to-door life assurance salesman and culminated as the CEO of a Pan European Life Assurance Company in Ireland. John started his business, John Murphy International, in 2004 and has worked worldwide across a broad range of industries. His clients include Pfizer, State Street Bank, Vodafone and Johnson & Johnson.

Feb 15, 2016

With a background in biology, chemistry and physics, Greg has been investigating and researching everything related to nutrition and exercise for the past 20 years. All of his experimentation and education helped him develop a unique understanding of nutrition and weight loss. From this background Greg’s book, I Believe Weight Loss, was written. The book resulted in the launch of his company, Too Busy To Eat, which focuses on removing the obstacles to weight loss. Greg’s experience helping thousands of people lose weight gave rise to a weight loss system that is easy to follow, sustainable, and is highly successful. The reality is people are too busy to eat….healthy. Too Busy To Eat is the solution to this problem.

Greg has a popular podcast, Too Busy To Eat, where he shares his insights on how to remove the obstacles to becoming healthier and happier while living a face-paced lifestyle. To compliment the weight loss programs, a line of Too Busy To Eat nutrition products have been created to make losing weight even more convenient.

Feb 8, 2016

Matt Miller spent the first 9 years of his career as an Air Force pilot, before
entering the private sector to work in both the medical device and advertising
industries. While a top performer in the corporate world, his long
term desire was to be his own boss. A good friend one day mentioned the
gum ball machines he and his young daughters owned, and that conversation
began a 10 year business quest that has brought Matt’s company,
School Spirit Vending, to the cutting edge of both the vending and school
fundraising industries. Today, School Spirit Vending’s franchising program
provides a proven and profitable business system for busy professionals
and their families looking to develop secondary income streams
with a limited time commitment.

Feb 1, 2016

Joel Boggess is the host of the “ReLaunch” show, and the author of the #1 Amazon bestselling book Finding your Voice

Because of his childhood trauma and life experience, Joel is passionate about helping people starting over with CONFIDENCE. Over the years he has helped hundreds of clients discover who they are, finding their passion and clarity of direction.

He is a “natural” with broadcasting, and he enjoys teaching podcast and radio show hosts on how to book great guests and have engaging interviews. Joel’s vision: by May 2017, after 3 years of “ReLaunch”, he would have helped 200,000 LISTENERS to LEARN TO BELIEVE THEMSELVES AGAIN. Help him spread the word by rate/review our show on iTunes

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